Alpha Volunteer Fire Company, 2014 Recruitment TV30

Alpha Volunteer Fire Company, 2014 Recruitment TV30 from Jesse Colaizzi on Vimeo.

The Alpha Fire Company spot was filmed in State College, PA, my old college stomping grounds.  There are NO actors in this spot.  The people you see are volunteers at Alpha, in their actual homes and work environments.  They are willing to run into burning buildings, but they are always looking for fresh help.  Go to to learn more.

Agency: Loaded Creative — Mark Dello Stritto, President & Creative Director.  Writer/Producer: Danny Evans.  Director/DP/Editor: Jesse Colaizzi Productions.  Gaffer: Dante Ludovici.  Key Grip: Travis Johnston.  Makeup & Hair: Valarie Panei.  Production Assistant: Emily Dabney.  Narrator: Laila Berzins. Audio Production: Antland Productions.  Shot on a RED Scarlet-X.